How dropd works

dropd connects shoppers to a trusted network of neighbours, opening up thousands of convenient pickup locations

Watch our video on the home page to discover how dropd connects packages to people, safely, the first time!


No more tracking missed deliveries, queuing at the post office or putting up with stolen packages

Shopper Orders Online

Purchase from a dropd retailer

Shopper Selects Neighbour

Select a dropd neighbour as your delivery address

Neighbour Receives Package

Your package arrives at your neighbour’s place. They store it safely for you

Shopper Picks up Package

Select a time to pick up your package from your neighbour


Earn extra income while being a great neighbour! For every delivery order you will receive a fee.

Sign up

Register as a dropd neighbour by clicking the "Register" button on the website menu

Receive delivery

Once your area is active, accept the delivery of shopper's packages via our app

Confirm and store

Photograph the package in the app. Store package in a safe place.

Hand over to shopper

Be home at the agreed time to hand over the package to the shopper.

Stay in contact... We are continually building our retailer partnerships and neighbour network. Reach us by using the "Email us" button!