For Retailers

Open up thousands of pick up locations for your shoppers

The shopper delivery experience has direct implications

With the growth of ecommerce sales, there’s been a rise in delivery issues. With extended delays, missed deliveries and having packages stolen, 54% of online shoppers say they will shop less often, or never shop from that retailer again.

(Source: Pitney Bowes, Online shopping study)

A more personal and convenient option

dropd is a network of neighbours who earn an income by being great neighbours! They might be stay at home parents, people working from home, retirees or students… people with time on their hands. When shoppers can’t be home to accept their deliveries, our dropd neighbours are there to accept packages on their behalf. They are home early mornings, at night and over the weekend, opening up convenient options for shoppers to collect their packages.

Getting started with dropd is simple

  • Contact us via "Contact Us" form on our website
  • We help you connect your check out with our dropd open source API
  • We help you promote dropd to your customers, increasing conversion of online sales
  • We ensure packages are safely delivered from our dropd neighbour to your shopper

Stay in contact... We are continually building our retailer partnerships and neighbour network. Reach us by using the "Email us" button!