About us

People, packages and journeys are at the heart of everything we do

We help online shoppers

Many online shoppers can't be home to accept their deliveries. They work all day or odd hours. They love online shopping but don’t love the inconvenience of collecting packages from their post office or the fustration of having their packages stolen.

We want to solve the last half mile delivery problem with a safe and trusted solution. We are making missed parcels and stolen packages a thing of the past

We help neighbours

Our neighbours are often retirees, stay at home parents, students or self employed people who work from home. We want to provide income opportunities to them, simply by being great neighbours.

We connect shoppers to neighbours and are helping to build a stronger community

We help retailers

Missed deliveries, redirected or stolen packages adds extra costs to retailers. We want to help retailers grow their ecommerce sales. By partnering with dropd, retailers can improve their service by opening up thousands of collection points for customers and in turn reduce costs from delivery issues

Our team

dropd was founded by a team who want to make missing packages a thing of the past. We saw the opportunity to build a trusted community that connects packages to people, the first time, while creating income opportunities for neighbours and supporting local communities.

Stay in contact... We are continually building our retailer partnerships and neighbour network. Reach us by using the "Email us" button!